Rachel Coyne on 30 Nov 2016

Visitor Analytics with People Movement Monitor

Satalyst launched its visitor analytics People Movement Monitor prototype with great success at the 2016 Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Tracking visitors without compromising privacy

The solution unobtrusively tracked festival visitors within a target area around the fashion runways. Without compromising visitors’ privacy, the cloud enabled solution collected data about attendance and provided valuable insights to the event coordinators.

Actionable insight from data and visitor analytics

The data and analytics helped them understand visitor count, flow, peak times, hot spots, dwell times, repeat visits, exit and entry points during the 4 day event.


Analytics displayed on online Power BI dashboard

Real business value

The annual Adelaide Fashion Festival event is owned by South Australian Tourism Commission. SATC has an extensive events calendar and has already identified several other events where visitor analytics from the People Movement Monitor would provide real business value. The next opportunity is the Tour Down Under in January 2017.

Flexible and scalable

The People Movement Monitor is a flexible, inexpensive, and scalable solution designed to securely collect data and report on essential metrics where people counting and visit analysis is important.

Many use cases

Capture the visitor journey anywhere with people and Wi-Fi.

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