Satalyst Brilliance on 07 Sep 2016

Lean-thinking Agile Project Management

For a number of years now, we’ve been applying Agile principles in our Satalyst approach to solution delivery.

What is Agile? The Oxford dictionary defines agility as:


Agility in the context of solution delivery promotes:

  • early and continuous delivery;
  • maximising customer involvement and satisfaction;
  • embracing change; and
  • rapid, well-informed responses to change.

Satalyst’s lean-thinking Agile Project Management approach takes agility one step further – maximising early-delivery of high business value and client satisfaction, with the least amount of effort and expense.

Does your organisation

Need help to formulate quick and efficient responses to address complex business challenges?

Or are you faced with long-running projects that continuously exceed budgets and never seem to quite deliver what the business truly requires?

Satalyst can help

Our mission is to empower businesses with a competitive advantage. Our difference is we can talk to you and your team about business outcomes rather than just focussing on technology.

We will advise best practices to suit your needs and help you deliver high business value and quality technical deliverables within your organisation’s budget and time constraints.

Contact our friendly team at Satalyst and let us delight you with our customer service and professional delivery.


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