Todd on 12 Sep 2018

Why purchase from a CSP partner rather than direct from Microsoft?

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider and the CSP program enables partners, like Satalyst, to sell Microsoft’s cloud services directly to its customers. However, it is more than a licencing program. The CSP model is designed for the partner to add value to its customers’ cloud experience via support, billing flexibility and advice.


Satalyst was selected by Microsoft to be a CSP partner due to our robust cloud practice and skilled cloud experts. However, it’s our established cloud support and cloud optimisation offering that makes Satalyst a choice cloud partner. As a result, Satalyst joined the CSP program a year ago as a direct cloud reseller.

Your relationship is with Satalyst

CSP partners need to meet several Microsoft requirements and must commit to providing high-quality support and service. Furthermore, CSP partners are responsible for the customer relationship and must provide efficient and accurate billing along with expert customer support.

The main aim of the CSP program is to make it easier for customers to purchase the cloud solutions and services they need through building a long-term relationship with a partner they can trust.

The CSP program enables Satalyst to provide customers with an end-to-end Microsoft cloud experience. In other words, we can bundle up licences and add our own value and services to a customer’s solution.

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Benefits of procuring through a CSP Partner

Some of the other benefits we see as important to our customers include:

  • Migrations – we sell you the licences and/or subscriptions and provide professional services to ensure smooth, worry-free migrations.
  • Flexibility – you only pay for what you want or use. In the case of Office 365, you can step up licences in peak business periods and step down as required. In the case of Azure, you simply pay for what you used the previous month, much like a phone bill.
  • Monthly billing – each month you will receive a bill directly from Satalyst for the O365 or Dynamics licences you are using and/or the Azure services you have used.
  • No upfront billing – there are no upfront licencing costs, unlike EA and Open Licencing.
  • Consumption reporting – together with your bill we provide consumption reporting giving detailed information on the services that have been consumed.
  • Expertise – as a customer you will have access to a wider ecosystem of solutions and services through Satalyst and benefit from the value, skills, and expertise we can bring to your solution.
  • Local support – as your CSP partner, we are the point of contact in case of a problem (technical, billing and subscription support). When necessary, we escalate via Microsoft Premier Support on your behalf.
  • Licencing support – we can look after all your Microsoft cloud licenses and you benefit from drawing on our expertise and skills to enable you to maximise the benefits of your investment.
  • Competitive pricing – it costs no more to purchase from Satalyst. Remember CSP partners need to take on a level of support, billing and licence/subscription management and administration duties. Potential discounts from RRP are dependent on the wrap around services you are procuring from us.
  • Strong SLAs – by procuring through a Microsoft CSP, you gain access to Microsoft’s strong service level agreement for cloud services.

If you’d like more information, please visit our page about purchasing through a CSP partner.

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